Medical Weight Loss

Most people believe they are overweight because they eat too much or don’t exercise enough. But if you look at medical studies that have people restrict calories and exercise more, the results are very disappointing. You may have already tried this.

After working with tens of thousands of patients and decades of research, a discovery was made that changed the way we help people who struggle to lose weight. Since that discovery, we have been able to help countless people lose weight in the Omaha as well as maintain their progress and enjoy amazing health.

Your weight struggle is caused by a System problem
  • Making your fat cells angry can make it impossible to lose weight – Structural System
  • Having the wrong bacteria in your gut will impair weight loss – Digestive System
  • There is a food, that most people are eating, that can cause even more weight gain than sugar – Delivery System
  • Most people have a slowed down their metabolism, hindering weight loss efforts — Energy
  • Three key hormones, that are not working correctly in most people, making weight loss very difficult — Communication System
  • Having inflammation in your body can tremendously impair your weight loss efforts — Defense System
  • Toxins in your body (obesogens) can make weight loss very difficult — Detox System
The real cause of your weight problems is a malfunction in one or more of your 7 main Systems.

Having discovered this, there was an additional problem to address. Evaluating these Systems and restoring optimal function can be difficult to do, cost tens of thousands of dollars and take a long time. we knew there had to be a better way.

The discovery that changed the lives of people around the world.

My discovery was a simple way to evaluate each of these Systems, identify malfunctions, and optimize their function using proven science-based steps.

The results have been amazing! People in almost every state in America and eight countries around the world have used this plan to lose weight and regain their health.

But lasting weight loss is not the only benefit
  • Energy skyrockets
  • Mood improves in weeks
  • Food addictions dwindle
  • Digestion works as it should
  • The need for medications decreases
  • Sex drive soars
  • Hormones are balanced
  • Productivity spikes
  • Health care costs go down