Dr. Kurt is exceptional to work with. Would highly recommend!

Nikki H.

My life couldn’t be any better. This group is the best!

Jolene Swope

Always feel better after my visits.

Cheryl M.

Yes. I am able to fully participate in all the activities I enjoy without pain. The team gave me the tools I needed to adapt my movements without need for medications. I appreciate the team’s knowledgeable, thoughtful and diligent care. The team made the experience positive and even fun. Thanks so much!

Laura D.

Very quick visit—helpful when you have 4 kids in tow. Left feeling great!

Haley H.

Professional, caring and efficient staff. I’ve enjoyed being a client and they helped a lot with my pain issues. Highly Recommend.

Lorraine Carter

I always feel so much better after my visit. I definitely believe in their motto that it’s easier to maintain your health than to wait until something goes wrong.

Cherish Pelletier

They helped me get to a place I never thought I would be again. They have made it possible for me to go travel back to Missouri without any trouble.

Jerry M.

I love this place. The people are very professional yet down to earth.

Mama G.

Great place for all inclusive wellness. Super understanding staff, lots of options, reasonably priced and very supportive. I’m four weeks in after stem cell therapy and my osteoarthritis and plantar fasciitis are improved. Regular physical therapy and chiropractic keeps me headed in the right direction. I definately recommend Pain West!

Donna Frank

They are professional and explain things so you can understand it. They do an in depth screening of each person to locate the problems.

Kev D.

Dr. Kurt is always there for my family and I! We love the attention and care he provides! The staff is always friendly and full of smiles.

Angela B.

Being in the pool industry, the job is so demanding. I had prior injuries but the help and knowledge of the staff at Pain West, my pain level and stiffness went from 8-10 to 0-2.

Michael P.

I suffered from headaches, so I went to Dr. Tonya for help. She seemed to know exactly what the problems were without me having to go into much detail. But before making any adjustments were made, she talked me through the problems and how she proposed to correct them. It worked! Such a pleasant, enjoyable experience going to Pain West.

Brenda K.

I went to Tonya a few weeks ago and was very impressed with the experience I had. After my adjustment I immediately felt better. Dr. Tonya is amazing at what she does and i would highly recommend Pain West!

Rachel C.

The staff really cares about their patients! The holistic approach to wellness and knowledge of all aspects of health is extensive. To be able to find amazing professionals in chiropractic care, physical therapy, medical expertise, massage therapy and aesthetics in one place is hands down the best treatment one could hope for.

Wendy Lee

The staff was extremely helpful, and it had a very welcoming environment. It was overall a positive experience. I would greatly recommend them!

Hannah C.

Drs Kurt and Tonya both are top notch providers that have the top priority of the patient in mind and deliver excellent results.
April B.

Clean, calm, inviting environment! All employees at the front desk were friendly and helpful. My service provider was quick and professional and I appreciate her being able to squeeze me in last minute.
Rebecca A.

The service provided was outstanding. I felt like the team of providers had my best interest at heart and truly cared about my progress. The team approach put my mind at ease with multiple perspectives working to get me back to where I want to be. All the providers are a fun group!

Julie S.

This place is amazing! The reception staff is always delightful and super helpful! Dr Tonya adjusts me quickly and the massages I get are world class. You get your moneys worth every time, and I’ve never seen an employee here without a smile. I tried it to see if it would help with my back pain and I’ll never stop going. They are amazing, 10 stars if google would let me.

Derek E.

The people are really caring and I was able to have 3 months of Physical Therapy 3 times a week combined with Chiropractic. The exercises combined with the Chiropractic improved my physical health 100%. I feel 20 years younger. I still get Chiropractic twice a month and do exercises at home.

Michelle D.

Great, friendly staff…knowledgeable on what they’re doing…absolutely awesome.

Steven D.

When I was pregnant and couldn’t move, I went and saw Dr Kurt and Dr Tonya and left the office 100% better! They’re amazing at what they do and they’re amazing people as well. Highly recommend anything they are a part of!

Kari K.