Shoulder Pain 

If you have shoulder pain that persists for a few days or limits the use of your arms, please don’t wait to get a professional evaluation at Pain West. Early shoulder pain treatment to stabilize your shoulder joint using an integrated team of Medical, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic and Massage experts can help prevent ongoing shoulder weakness and pain. Call our office in Papillion, Nebraska, at (402) 505-7989 or schedule an appointment online to get a complete assessment of your shoulder pain.

What causes shoulder pain?

A long list of health conditions and injuries can cause shoulder pain, but they tend to fall into one of four categories:

  • Inflammation (tendonitis and bursitis)
  • Arthritis
  • Fracture
  • Shoulder dislocation and instability

Inflammation is commonly caused by overuse or an injury. Osteoarthritis in the shoulder usually develops over years of wear-and-tear, but it can also develop due to rotator cuff tears or an infection.

Three bones meet in the shoulder, and any one of them can become fractured from a fall or high-energy injury, like a sports injury. When the upper arm bone is dislocated by being forced out of the shoulder socket, it weakens the supporting muscles enough to potentially cause chronic shoulder instability.

How does the shoulder get injured?

Your shoulder is the most mobile joint in your body. A group of ligaments and muscles, which collectively make up the rotator cuff, stabilize the joint while allowing enough movement to swing your arm around in a circle. This extreme range of motion makes the soft tissues in the joint very susceptible to wear-and-tear damage or injuries that cause shoulder pain.

What are my treatment options?

You may need to immobilize and rest your shoulder before starting treatment. However, your doctor at Pain West makes recommendations after examining your shoulder and taking X-rays or a scan, if needed.

When the soft tissues have healed enough to begin therapy, your treatment may include one of many possible chiropractic techniques, massage, and therapeutic exercise. Kinesiology tape may be applied to relieve pain while supporting and stabilizing the shoulder. This type of taping also eliminates pressure in the painful area.

Chiropractic manipulation can be used to realign the joint. Myofascial release, active release, and therapeutic massage are beneficial for relaxing tissues and promoting better movement. Functional rehabilitation and exercises may be recommended to rebuild strength and improve range of motion.

When should you seek help for shoulder pain??

If you don’t have an obvious fracture or dislocation, it can be hard to decide when it’s safe to stay home and wait for the pain to improve, or whether it’s serious enough to require professional attention. Call Pain West and schedule an appointment when you experience:

  • Severe pain
  • Swelling, especially if it’s sudden
  • Shoulder pain that persists for a few days
  • Deformed shoulder joint
  • Inability to use the joint or move your arm away from your body
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