After suffering an injury, you might find that you have persistent pain that does not seem to go away with conventional treatment methods. While surgery might offer pain relief, it comes with a number of potentially serious risks. For safe, non-invasive treatment, consider combining physical therapy and chiropractic care. This combination offers an effective plan to ease the pain while also improving your well-being as you recover.

Benefits of Combining Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Care in Omaha & Papillion, NE

Now, both of these, on their own, are great things for your body, but, did you know that both Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Care treatments actually work well together? With that in mind, we are going to talk about the benefits of both, and also show you top reasons why they work well together.

Chiropractic Treatment

Throughout the body and central nervous system pressure and tension tends to build up, especially in areas like in the spinal column. When this happens, it can actually cause quite a lot of symptoms to form. That is where chiropractors come into play. They are highly trained to find those tension-filled areas of the body and remove any interferences found by using specific chiropractic adjustments. Now, the adjustments themselves not only help to lessen the pain as well as muscle tension, but also promote the increase in a range of motion. With each of these minor benefits, it helps to improve the patient’s short-term health and well-being overall.

Physical Therapy

On the flip side of things, physical therapy is used to find weaknesses in the joints of the body as well as in the spine. Once found, a physical therapist uses the information collected to strength the muscles and stabilize the joints in the body. Likewise, physical therapists use many different forms of treatment such as:

  • electrical muscle stimulation
  • therapeutic exercises
  • many others

This is all to strengthen the specific muscles of the body that need to improve. Now, the exercises and treatments themselves are not designed to lessen the pain in your body, but is used to promote the improvement and growth of muscles within the body. With each of these benefits, this helps the patient’s long-term health and well-being overall.

Benefits of Combining Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Care

Although not many chiropractors and physical therapists work together, you’ll notice how they both have amazing benefits which you can take advantage of, together, to get the best of both short-term and long-term health benefits.

For short-term, you can use chiropractic care in Omaha, NE to get benefits such as:

  • Increase in range of motion.
  • Decrease in pain.
  • Decrease in muscle tension.

And for long-term, you can use a physical therapist in Omaha, NE to get benefits such as:

  • Improvement in joints.
  • Increase in new muscle growth.
  • Increase in strength of existing muscles.

Big Picture

When we combine these 2 very effective treatment methods, we are better able to provide safe and effective treatment for patients of all ages. Instead of visiting multiple clinics and dealing with pain specialists who are unfamiliar with each other’s best practices, we offer total holistic healing all under one roof!

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